Welcome to Textile Select,

Textile Select was founded in 2010, dedicating itself to connect clothing companies with the very best textile suppliers, to deliver excellent fabric to our numerous clients worldwide. Textile Select has now a professional and autonomous administration, each seeking objectives in its own market, facing different and demanding clients in terms of innovation, quality, service and flexibility.

We’ve incorporated a strong algorithm that filters suppliers based on their core capabilities to deliver you optimum solutions for your products & services. If you’re either starting a business, looking to change supplier or looking to acquire new ones, Textile Select will become your best partner. We’re committed in minimizing not only long-term costs but to also limit the obstacles that you can face along the way.

Here’s a list of the category’s know-how we can provide relating to suppliers. If what you’re looking for is not under this table, get in touch and we can discuss what you’re looking for in more detail.

Textile Textile Fabric  Fabric General
Braided Machinery  Cotton Hemp Yarn
Coated Macramé  Composite Interlock Leather
Embellished Narrow  Denim Mesh Twill
Geotextiles Non-woven  Double Knit Metallic Tricot
Jacquard Nylon  Fleece Dyed Kids clothing
Knitted Printed  Filtration Polyester Men’s clothing
Laminated Woven  Floral Silk Women’s clothing